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Clematis terniflora (maximowicziana)
Sweet Autumn Clematis (vine)
Very vigorous vine establishes, grows faster than its large-flowered relatives. Resistant to Clematis wilt. Remarkably heavy crop of flowers.

Hydrangea anomala petiolaris
Climbing Hydrangea (vine)
Michael Dirr says "The best vine!" Glossy dark green foliage during the growing season and cinnamon colored exfoliating bark in winter. Has holdfasts -- a true clinging ...

Hydrangea anomala ss. Petiolaris
Climbing Hydrangea 'Mirranda' (Vine)
A spectacular vining selection with dark green leaves displaying distinct, irregular yellow margins. The variegation is stronger earlier in the season and becomes more p...

Wisteria frutescens
'Amethyst Falls' (Vine)
Outstanding selection of our climbing native Wisteria. Less vigorous than its Asiatic counterparts which produces flowers on one year old plants. Compact (6") flower tr...

Browse 4 plants: clem‑wist 
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