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Actaea ramosa
Bugbane 'Hillside Black Beauty' (Cimicifuga) PP9988 (Perennial)
The large, elegant fern-like leaves are a dramatic deep coppery-purple. In fall, wiry tall flower stems bear clusters of fragrant creamy white flowers reminiscent of bott...

Amsonia x 'Blue Ice'
Willow Blue Star 'Blue Ice' (Perennial)
A beautiful selection of our native Willow Blue Star whose compact mound of pleasing narrow dark green shiny foliage is topped in spring by numerous clusters of vivid dee...

Anemone hupehensis var. japonica
Windflower 'Pamina' (Perennial)
A "classic" fall flowering Japanese Anemone distinguished by its lavender to deep-rose semi-double flowers in late summer and early fall. The central ring of yellow stame...

Astilbe chinensis
Astilbe 'Maggie Daly' (Perennial)
Dense, fizzy, bright lavender-purple plumes rise above the deeply incised, coarse textured handsome dark green foliage from mid to late summer. Although preferring a moi...

Astilbe x arendsii
Astilbe 'Fanal' (Perennial)
Long lasting deep red flowers bloom in mid-summer. Foliage is handsome and glossy.

Athyrium A. niponicum var. pictum x A. felix-femina
Lady Fern 'Ghost' (Perennial)
Frosted apple green fronds emit a ghostly white light in the shade. Fronds are rigidly upright with dark purple stems.

Athyrium niponicum var. pictum
Lady Fern Japanese Painted Fern (Perennial)
The 12" long silvery-gray metallic looking fronds are further enhanced by prominent garnet colored veins extending to the leaflet tips. Light shade encourages the best ...

Campanula poscharskyana
Bellflower 'Blue Waterfall' PP13161 (Perennial)
This lovely Campanula is quite adaptable to many garden environments. It may be used quite effectively in the garden or in hanging baskets. A vigorous grower, C. 'Blue ...

Chelone lyonii
Pink Turtlehead 'Hot Lips' (Perennial)
Clusters of clear rose pink flowers bloom from August to September against dark green foliage. Likes moist conditions.

Coreopsis grandiflora
Tickseed 'Sunray' (Perennial)
Shrub like growth habit with bright yellow double and semi-double blooms. Will rebloom till Fall if pinched back starting in June.

Coreopsis verticillata
Threadleaf Coreopsis 'Moonbeam' (Perennial)
One of the most popular cultivars. Has many soft yellow flowers which are very eye catching. Bloom time is from June to October

Dicentra spectabilis
Bleeding Heart 'Gold Heart' (Perennial)
Golden foliage provides a backdrop in spring for the chains of drooping, soft pink, heart-shaped flowers. Foliage retains its color into summer.

Coneflower 'Ruby Star' (Perennial)
One of the finest selections of our native Prairie Coneflower. Horizontal petals of an intense carmine red surround a prominent brown central "dome" and from midsummer o...

Coneflower SundownTM ('Evan Saul' PP17659) The Big SkyTM Series (Perennial)
Slightly reflexed, overlapping bright orange outer florets display subtle yellow notched tips. Prominent convex central cone. Very free flowering with a strong rose scent...

Geranium sanguineum
Cranesbill 'New Hampshire Purple' (Perennial)
Low mounding with bright purple cupped flowers all summer, if pinched back. Can be grown over a wall or in a border.

Helleborus x hybridus
Hellebore Royal HeritageTM STRAIN (Perennial)
Garden blend of "Lenten Roses" from the garden of John Elsley. John's seed parents came from many superior vigorous plants resulting in choice seedlings of many colors. E...

Daylily 'Carefree Peach' (Perennial)
Diamond dusting glitters on peach flowers. Type: Daylily-Diploid

Daylily 'Chirps' (Perennial)
Well textured plants with dark flower scapes and multitudes of blossoms. Slightly fragrant. Type: Daylily-Diploid

Daylily 'Cinnamon Pleasure' (Perennial)
Fragrant soft peach-pink with pink midribs and cinnamon accents. Delicate golden ruffled petal edges and green throat. Type: Daylily-Tetraploid

Daylily 'Condilla' (Perennial)
Deep gold rounded double with tightly crimped edges. Type: Daylily-Diploid

Daylily 'Cricket' (Perennial)
This is our smallest daylily with the smallest, cutest, most delicate flowers. They are 2" in diameter, and just fill the plant scapes in midsummer. Type: Daylily-Diplo...

Daylily 'Real Purple Star' (Perennial)
Rich, medium purple blossom base with exacting, slightly ruffled white edging on petals and sepals. Small golden-green throat nicely sets off the blossoms. Type: Daylil...

Daylily 'Resurrection Yellow' (Perennial)
Yellow with wavy ruffles and paler midribs. Reblooms. Type: Daylily-Tetraploid

Daylily 'Ruffled Parchment' (Perennial)
Nicely ruffled white with cream and yellow toward inner flower. Statuesque landscape variety. Slightly fragrant. Spectacular! Type: Daylily-Diploid

Daylily 'Stella De Oro' (Perennial)
Gold early bloomer will re-bloom if deadheaded. Type: Daylily-Diploid

Browse 70 plants: acta‑heme  heme‑paeo  paeo‑vero 
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